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Alexander Salter has been working within the film and media industry now for over twelve years.


He started his industry experience in London, in 2005 working on various film and music video sets whilst studying to become a Production Designer at Wimbledon School of Art on a BA Hons in Set Design for Stage and Screen.


This led him to work in the set design processes on such sets as the "Will Young's, Who Am I" Blue Peter music video,  "Boy Kill Boy, Suzzie" music video, "The Course Of True Love"  short film, "Not Another Tarantino Movie!" short film and "Lebensraum" short film.
















Whilst doing this he met a Documentary Producer and was given the opportunity to work on various productions within the videography and CGI Post Visual Effects department, creating various videos. This then led him to start using these disciplines within his university projects for creating unique set designs and eventually creating short films with VFX in.
















In 2008 he graduated and now with a passion for making films he produced his first CGI and stop motion film "A Toy World"


Now 2008 to present his newly formed company Alexander Salter Productions produces videos and photographs for Documentary Film Makers, Q and A's, Peterborough United Football Club, The Skylark Showground, PLASgran - The Recycling Specialists, F-15 - MX Motocross Track, Cleopatra Interiors, Vera Frances School of Dance, Kelly's Street Dance, Dance Mania, Fuel For The Fire, Bondy, DJ Jarmz, happy couples weddings, birthdays, events and much more.


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